Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advice for New Parents

Yesterday one of my dearest friends told me she is pregnant for the first time.  I am so excited!!  And talking to her last night about it got me thinking about first time parents.  Oh the mistakes we all make!  And all of the stupid advice we hear!  So many things that you need to decide on.  The whole thing is so exciting and at the same time so overwhelming!  So I thought I'd put together a few blogs on the subjects that I was the most interested in when we were first becoming parents.  I'm thinking that I'll post about cloth diapering, feeding baby, baby showers, and a few other things I'm mulling over.  But first I wanted to just put together some basics.  Of course it goes without saying, though I will say it anyway, that these are just my opinions and what worked for me.  Everyone and every baby is different.  And I'm only an expert in Jude, nothing else.

1.  You will get so much advice.  And the more pregnant you look, the more advice you will get from well meaning strangers.   Try to take it with a grain of salt and remember that no one is the expert and you are allowed to disagree with them, even if its your own mom.  People, even stupid rude people, are just trying to be helpful.

2.  Decide what is important to you and how you want to do things, but recognize that babies don't really care about the plans you make.  Some of the things you decide will work out just fine, others not so much.  Try not to let it bother you or make you feel like a bad parent.  As long as you and the baby are healthy and mostly happy, its not a  big deal.

3.  Get stuff done early.  It is so hard to get even the smallest things done at first when there is a new baby in the house, like really, even taking a shower is an effort.  So get done what you can that will be helpful as soon as possible.  For example, do you have an office or junk room that you are planning on making into a nursery?  Well, get it on it.  Start clearing the room out now and getting it ready.  Don't wait until you are 8 months pregnant and huge to do it.  Take will make it harder.  Have a project around the house that you've been meaning to do?  Get it done now.  Remember you will have family and friends all over your house once baby is here.

4.  Have fun.  Go to movies, eat fancy dinners, read books, sleep in, go shopping, have long conversations about adult things.  Do all of the stuff that is hard with kids in the house.

5.  Treat yourself.  Your body is going to get all sorts of wacky while you are growing this tiny human.  Do stuff to make yourself feel good.  Feeling frumpy and big?  Get a sweet new hair cut.  Feet swollen and sore?  Go get a pedicure, the good kind where they rub your feet and legs for 30 minutes.  And if you can afford it, get at least two or three pregnancy massages.

6.  Try not to buy baby clothes.  Trust me, even if you don't know anyone with kids, you will still end up with so much baby clothing.  You will get tons at any sort of baby shower you might have, a co worker will bring you a box of their kids stuff, etc.  And if you do have friends or family nearby with kids you will get their hand me downs.  So don't buy much if you can help it.  Babies don't really wear stuff out so chances are good that you will get hand me downs that are in good shape.

7.  Don't be afraid to buy stuff used.  There is so much stuff that is nice to have with a baby in the house, but you don't need half of it.  And the half you do need can normally be found in a thrift shop, a garage sale or Craigslist for a fraction of the price.  But don't start buying stuff till that spare office that is becoming the nursery gets cleared out!

Ok thats a pretty good start!

And PS I am so excited about the craft exchange!  I drew the name of a blog that I really love which makes it so fun!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Craft Exchange

Hey guys, it's time again for the annual Holiday Bloggers Craft Exchange!  If you have a blog and would like to participate, just follow the link http://2momstobe.blogspot.com/2014/11/holiday-craft-exchange.html

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Mommas are Tired

Jude has always been a crappy sleeper.  I feel like from day one it has been something that we struggled with.  But things were going good for a little while, he slept more or less through the night in his toddler bed and though he got up early, it wasn't all that bad.  And then, we got him a big boy bed, a full sized bed to be exact.  And of course he slept fine in it juuuuuussstttt long enough for us to think it was a success and get rid of the toddler bed.  Then all hell broke loose and we have been battling him every night since.

It is getting better, don't get me wrong.  He is no long for the most part take two or three hours to go to bed (man that sucked).  And he isn't getting up every 15-30 minutes for the most part anymore.  But he is still getting up at least 3-4 times a night and I am still sometimes having to spend the early parts of the morning sleeping in his bed with him.  I'm just so ready for him to go back to sleeping through the night and not having this battle.  We got this cool bunny clock to hang in his room that has a picture of a bunny walking and a picture of a bunny sleeping and the theory is that when he sees the bunny is sleeping he knows he should stay in bed and that when the alarm goes off and wakes the bunny up (silently), then he can get up too.  I think it is helping some, but he is still getting the idea down.  Fingers crossed he keeps just getting better and better with the sleeping.  

Jude, as he getting closer and closer to 3, is turning into quite the talker.  He just has so many things to tell me and ask me about all day long, it is so cute.  Last night going to bed he asked me what the names were for the two stuffed monkeys he sleeps with.  And I told him that one of them was Curious Geoge and he liked that and told me maybe they were both Curious George.  But then he pointed out to me that on TV Curious George doesn't have a tail and this monkey did, so it couldn't be named Curious George after all.  So funny.  A few days ago S was trying to get him to say please for something he wanted and she told him he needed to say the magic word and he replied to her "magic word!" Instead and cracked us all up.  He loves to be funny and he loves to tell us when things are funny.  He is a silly guy.

In other news, I'm doing better than I have been in a while.  Menopause is hard guys, especially when you can't have any hormones.  My mood swings have been out of control and I've just been so darn angry all of the time and depressed that it was really starting to effect our family.  So I'm taking Welbutrin and I'm starting to feel less and less like a crazy person.  I guess that's probably why I haven't blogged in weeks, I had nothing good to say. I'm going to try to get back on the blogging though, I miss it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Potty Training Part 3

We have now been potty training for several months and I'm happy to say that in the last few weeks we have finally made some progress!  It was starting to feel like Jude was never going to figure it out and I was really starting to question if he was ready for potty training after all.  But all of a sudden he seems to "get it" and has been telling us he needs to go potty, going on his own and even pooping in the potty!  Yay!  Of course he is still having the occasional accident, but it seems more to be because he is having fun and doesn't want to stop rather than a lack of awareness.  He is also still wearing a diaper for nap and bedtime, which I figure we will phase out once he starts waking up drier or waking up asking to go to the bathroom.  

Not much else to report.  We are still waiting for the beginning of next year to move forward with baby #2.  Jude is a talking machine and has developed a huge love for books, which I love.  He is so funny, he loves to make us laugh.  And he is just the sweetest little guy.  He is also becoming less of a picky eater and eats regular meals at least some of the time now, which is awesome.  Oh, nap time is over, that's all for now!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cutie With a Haircut

Jude got his haircut today and he is looking so dang cute!  hope everyone is having a happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More Fun in the Sun

We are having the best time in California, we are sad to have to leave tomorrow.  But all good things must come to am end.  Jude is going to be such a pain next week when he is adjusting back to our central time zone along with no more limitless juice boxes and grandparents spoiling him, no beach, etc.  Hopefully I can come up with some fun stuff to do.  Yesterday we went to the San Diego zoo, which was amazing.  Seeing the pandas was probably my favorite part.  You will have to wait till we get home for pictures from that, they are on a different camera. Here are just a few from the last day or two.  I wish everyday was vacation!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life's a beach

We are on vacation right now in sunny California, visiting the in laws.  We got here Friday afternoon and don't have to go back to real life till Wednesday.  It's been an awesome trip so far starting with the smoothest flight we've ever had with Jude.  It was a direct flight, which we haven't managed to do before with him,mdo that itself made for a much easier time.  Also this was our first time flying where he hasn't just on our laps, we had the whole row to ourselves.  To prepare for the flight we went to Target and raided all of the dollar stuff we thought he'd be interested in and able to do in his seat.  We got coloring books, small cars, silly putty, ABC and shape flash cards, tons and tons of little snacks and some weird stuff that might get his attention if all else failed like paper clips and post it notes.  We also got a few sticker books where the stickers are repositionable and they are sort of activity books where they complete the pattern and stuff like that.  We got those from Michaels, Jude is crazy about them so I highly recommend them if you have a toddler and need a sitting still activity.  We also made sure the ipad was loaded with cartoons and toddler games.  So with all of that he was a happy and entrained boy through the whole three hour flight, hurray!

So far we have been spending lots of time at the beach, for sure Jude and my favorite thing to do.  We have also been playing with the crazy amount of toys the grandparents have gotten him like a big crazy power wheel and a remote control car, nerf guns, and more.  Jude is so spoiled!  We have more adventures scheduled for tomorrow, so lots of pictures to come.  The new header photo was taken this morning on the beach.  Happy boy!
Our adventures so far-